Herman Schulz - Accordion


Herman is a close friend, lovingly referred to as “Uncle Herman” and has been a member of the Swinging Bavarians German Band since the beginning in 1982.  Although many know him as “Herman the German”, his mother is from Lima, Peru and his father is from Uelzen, Germany.  Although Herman was born in Miami, Florida, with his German heritage, he was immersed in the German Bavarian culture from a young age.   Married to Valerie in 1989, they have three children.  In 2005, they decided to move to Ocala, Florida.  Herman plays accordion with the German band.  At age 9, Herman had a choice between guitar or accordion.  Herman chose to follow in his dad’s footsteps and play the accordion.  Herman also used to dance the Schuhplattler and he did traditional Bavarian folk group dancing.  If you ever want a good whirl around the dance floor, ask him to dance a polka! You will always see him laughing and smiling, and you can bet, he’ll always have his beer stein handy and remember to “Prost” at the end of the set… or the beginning of the set… or the middle of the set… or anywhere around the set, you’ll find him ready to “Prost”.  When not performing, you’ll find him lounging by the pool, sipping Pina Coladas, “Prost!”