Janice Schoenfeldt - Band Manager


Before known as “mom”, hairdresser, costume fixer, food and drink fetcher, apron tier, photographer, stuff finder, and so on….now Janice has been given the all encompassing title of “Band Manager.”  Her duties still include all of the afore mentioned tasks and some.  She is the glue that helps to hold the group together. Janice is Bill's wife, they met at the German American club and since that first meeting, she has learned many intricacies of Bavarian culture. Janice is responsible for spending hours and hours taking the three kids to their piano lessons, German dance lessons, band concerts, etc.  On top of all this, she has actually been a Real Estate Agent for the past 26 years. She currently is one of the top agents at Properties of The Villages in The Villages, Florida, a fast growing retirement community.  This position also allows her to use many of her “managerial” skills often, taking care of other people’s business.  You may catch a glimpse of her running around backstage, making sure all the steins are always full of beer!