Dave Schoenfeldt - Drums


Dave is youngest brother of the Schoenfeldt siblings. He also grew up with the German Bavarian culture through the German American Club. Married to Tammy for 17 years, they have three lovely children.  Dave started out at 12 playing the French horn; he also played some trumpet, but discovered that drums were much more exciting when he was 16 (plus his oldest brother said they needed a drummer for the German band).  From then on, drums were in his blood.   A member of the 13th Army Band for 8 years, he has played drums for President Carter and President Reagan.  Additionally, he played the governor’s mansion with the Guard band, and remembers playing for Governor Graham, Governor Martinez, and Governor Chiles.  And of course through the army band, he has marched in numerous parades.  Dave has been there since the beginning of the Swinging Bavarians German Band in 1982 and has played many festivals and Oktoberfests since then.   You’ll usually see him twirling his drumsticks or throwing them in the air, behind his brother’s back (Bill).  If he's not twirling the drumsticks, he's twirling his wife around the dance floor for a fast polka. Dave enjoys being a referee for football games for numerous high schools in the Central Florida area.  You’ll find him in Citrus County, Marion County, Sumter County, etc.  On Sundays, you’ll find Dave and Tammy teaching youth camp through their church.