Billy Schoenfeldt - Alto Saxophone / Accordion / Schuhplattler


Billy is the oldest son of Bill Schoenfeldt.   His mother brought him to many of dad’s performances since before he was born.  He was surrounded with German Bavarian music and culture.  His parents were both members of the German American Club and he was there with them.  At the age of 4, he started dancing with the club’s German dance group, the Edelweiss Jugend Schuhplattler in Miami.  His parents also started him on piano at 4 years old.  In middle school band he picked up saxophone like his dad and when he got into high school, he picked up accordion and clarinet.  He started playing with the Swinging Bavarians when he was in high school and of course he knew all the songs (he had only 15 years to listen to them!)  He graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando with a degree in Computer Engineering. He has taken two trips to Germany, where he was working on becoming fluent in the German language. During his second trip he performed on keyboards at a theme park in Germany.  He has been dancing Schuhplattler for 22 years and has been a member of the Swinging Bavarians German Band for 11 years. For any ladies out there, Billy is single, however all dates need to be approved by his sister, Krissy.