Bill Schoenfeldt - Kapellmeister


Bill is the Kapellmeister (Bandleader) of the Swinging Bavarians German Band and is the oldest of the Schoenfeldt siblings.  He is married to Janice with three children, Billy, Krissy, & Katrina who all perform in the Swinging Bavarians today.  He was born in Nurnberg, Germany, which is in the state of Bavaria and when his parents came to Florida, they still loved the Bavarian culture and joined the German American Club.  Bill and his siblings grew up in the German Club, attending all of the Oktoberfests and playing in the German Club Band, the Edelweiss Band of Miami.  It was at the German American Club he first met his wife Janice, showing off to her with his polka dancing ability. He was also a member of the National Guard Army Band and retired after 22 years.  Bill founded the Swinging Bavarians band in Miami, Florida in 1982.  The band was made up of Bill, his two brothers Curt and Dave, and close family friends.  He founded his own German band to bring an upbeat zeal back to the German polka music while also including a wide variety of tunes to cater to a diverse audience. He enjoys carrying on the Bavarian culture through this Oktoberfest band with his family and close friends.  The Swinging Bavarians Band has been in existence for 27 years.  Bill has been performing German / Bavarian music for 40 years.