Curt Schoenfeldt - Baritone / Trombone


Curt is Bill’s younger brother.  He grew up in the German American club as well where he met his wife Cheryl to whom he is happily married for 25 years now with two wonderful & expensive daughters.  At age 13, he started playing the trumpet in the band because he thought it was neat.  Then when he got braces, it became apparent for him to keep kissable lips, he needed to switch and he started playing baritone and trombone.  So Cheryl, we are sure, is happy that he switched instruments to save the lips for her.  Curt is now retired from the National Guard Army Band with 20 years of service playing all three instrument: baritone, trumpet and trombone.  He was a member of the Edelweiss Band of Miami, back in the early ‘70s and has been a member of the Swinging Bavarians German Band since 1982. All of the brothers enjoy dancing (although they usually are on stage with the wives sitting in the audience), if you ever catch them for a polka or a waltz, you'll get dizzy just watching! When not playing music, you can find Curt playing all kinds of games; card games, board games, computer games, etc. He also likes fishing and hanging out on the beach.  He is recently retired in Palm Coast / Daytona and now has more time for fishing and hanging out on the beach or dining out.  He and Cheryl are also falling in love with traveling and through playing music in the band, they hope to have many more opportunities to travel.