Ken Hagen - Trumpet / Vocals


Ken is another close friend, lovingly referred to as "Uncle Ken", who lives in Miami, Florida. He started with the Swinging Bavarians back in the beginning. Ken grew up in Wisconsin and his parents loved to dance.  They really enjoyed going out to hear “Old Time Music” which was a combination of Polish and German / Bavarian styles together, mostly polkas.  As Ken started playing trumpet, he realized these German Bavarian styles came naturally to him since he had listened to them all his young life and he would play with German bands to make some extra money in school.  In Wisconsin they have many German Bavarian festivals and he has been playing German music in polka bands for most of his life. He is married to Elena and they have two boys who both play trumpet like their dad. Although we give him a music stand, and you may see him moving around music, he only uses it as a place holder, he has every song memorized (usually words and all!).