About Us


The Swinging Bavarians is a German Bavarian band based in Central Florida that perform authentic and traditional Bavarian attire known as, ‘Lederhosen (that’s right, leather pants!) and Dirndls’.  But, it doesn’t stop there! The Swinging Bavarians come complete with ‘Miesbacher hats and feathers’, ‘Wadl Strümpf’ (2 piece socks) and those beautifully decorated beer steins!  In fact, their entire wardrobe has been imported from Germany and Austria.  Bill Schoenfeldt, the leader of the band, was also imported, born in Nürnberg, Germany in the state of Bayern (Bavaria).  He started the group with his brothers and close family friends and now the band has grown to include his three adult children.
The Swinging Bavarians play all the favorite and traditional songs of the Oktoberfest season as well as a wide variety of musical styles for all audiences to enjoy!  Besides the traditional music, the Swinging Bavarians offer a complete Bavarian show, to include:

  1. Authentic Bavarian Schuhplattler dancing;
  2. Authentic Alpine yodeling and singing in both German and English;
  3. Playing of the authentic Austrian cowbells;
  4. Audience participation, such as the ever popular “Chicken Dance”, line dances and numerous tunes that are sure to get the crowd involved.  Plus, certain band members and dancers will go out onto the dance floor to help audience members get involved;
  5. Audience sing-a-longs, such as the famous “Ein Prosit, Der Gemütlichkeit” and many other ‘Beer Drinking Tunes’, too numerous to mention, will have the audience swaying back and forth like at the Munich Oktoberfest.

The Swinging Bavarians have performed for a variety of groups and organizations throughout the United States and in various Caribbean and Central American countries. The Swinging Bavarians are looking forward to celebrating Oktoberfest with you this season. Let us bring a little bit of the German (Bavarian) culture to your party or event.